Regiment Lord Strathcona’s Horse

Scotland is full of history, tales and stories, especially the Scottish Highlands with the Glen Coe region. During his long and eventful life Lord Strathcona did not only left his marks in the United Kingdom and the Scottish Glen Coe region, but also in Canada, where he spent a major part of his life. Not only did he met his later wife Isabella Sophie in Labrador, Canada in the early 1850s, but also raised and equipped a mounted regiment – the Lord Strathcona’s Horse – at his own expense. This regiment served in the South African or “Second Boer war” (1899-1902). Shortly after this war the regiment was disbanded. In 1909 it was reformed under the name Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) (LdSH(RC) and served in many more wars and conflicts, such as both the world wars. It persists until today.

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Furthermore Glencoe House Hotel is featured in the latest edition of the “The Strathconian” – the regiments annual publication.