What would Scotland be without the drink it is famous for – whisky?


The history of the Scottish national drink is deeply entreched in the Highlands. But the passion for whisky has a worldwide following. Today a good malt whisky is a treat, a sumptuous pleasure for many people around the globe.

Famous Scottish Whiskies

You might like to try one of these distilleries in the area near Glencoe. Each whisky has a distinct flavour, making a visit to more than one distillery part of the discovery of your favourite.

Oban Distillery  was founded in 1794 and is one of Scotland’s oldest malt whisky producers.

Ben Nevis Distillery was established in 1825 and produces blended and single malt whiskies.

Dalwhinnie Distillery is located in the Cairngorm National Park (about 1.5 hours from the hotel). Dalwhinnie means ‘plain of meetings’ in Gaelic as the distillery was at a junction of two ancient roadways or drove roads for taking cattle to market.